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Newsletter 4/2012

ROWIAK CellSurgeon - More than a microscope

Dear Reader,

the days are gone when 2D-imaging of fixed samples could generate groundbreaking results. Discover the new features of high end dissection and imaging instruments by ROWIAK!


  • You need to image your sample before cutting in 3D?
  • Can your microtome look inside your native sample and cut it in one step?

ROWIAK now provides TissueSurgeon with Multiphoton Microscopy!


  • Does conventional transfection not work with your cells?
  • You need to transfect primary or stem cells?

Try Out Optoporation - CellSurgeon allows gentle and highly specific transfection by optical perforation!

TissueSurgeon - Now with Multiphoton Microscopy and Imaging

XZ-plane of mouse cornea from top to bottom corneal epithelia (THG, blue), corneal stroma (SHG, green), and corneal endothelium (THG, blue)
XY-plane within mouse corneal epithelium resp. corneal stroma. Third-Harmonic-Generation (THG, blue) is caused by inhomogenities of epithelial cells and keratocytes. Collagen fibers of the stroma produce Second-Harmonic-Generation (SHG, green)

3D-navigation and 3D-imaging before cutting are unique with our system. TissueSurgeon - the well-known ROWIAK system for laser cutting of native hard and soft tissue - can be provided from up to now with HIGH RESOLUTION 3D-imaging.

Multiphoton Imaging

The laser of TissueSurgeon used for cutting is also suitable for high resolution deep tissue imaging. This is achieved by exciting capable fluorescent dyes, autofluorescence, Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) or Third Harmonic Generation (THG) of the incident laser wavelength. The imaging module gives full control of cutting processes. It assists in the definition of cutting shapes, assessment of cutting quality, and measurement of distances. Applications include controlled sectioning of biological tissue as well as cutting along predefined structures or even cell layers. Multiphoton imaging is also suited to visualize the inner structure of different tissues and materials. This makes TissueSurgeon perfect for hard or soft tissue and materials research.

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CellSurgeon - Transfect the Untransfectable Cells and Monitor in 4D

Optoporation - Canine mammary adenoma cells transfected with pEGFP-HMGA2 by optical perforation

CellSurgeon is a laser dissection and multiphoton imaging system which enables precise, contact-free 3D-nanodissection of cells and subcellular structures.

Optoporation is a new method for cell transfection. Ultrashort laser pulses can be used to temporarily perforate cell membrane. By focusing the laser beam for a few milliseconds close to the cell membrane, transient pores can be gently created. Optoporation is an excellent technique with high efficiency rates and a wide range of use. Optical perforation is extremely mild to cells and considerably decreases the risk of cell damage. Optoporation is the method of choice to transfect stem cells and primary cells.
In addition, CellSurgeon can be used in living cells for studies of cell dynamics. Selective manipulation of cell organelles makes it possible to assess an impact on specific cellular processes. CellSurgeon represents a useful tool to generate different models of neurodegenerative or vascular diseases.

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ROWIAK at European Microscopy Congress 2012 in Manchester, UK

Date for your Diary

15th European Microscopy Congress (EMC) 2012
September 16-21, 2012 in Manchester Central, Manchester, United Kingdom

Get the latest news about ROWIAK TissueSurgeon and ROWIAK CellSurgeon. You are welcome to arrange an appointment with our Product Specialist Dr. Viktor Jakob.

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Visit us at booth no. 807!


REMINDER: ROWIAK at NSH Hard Tissue Forum 2012 in Bethesda, MD

Visit us at

Application & Practice of Hard Tissue Histology Forum
August 18, 2012 in Bethesda, MD, USA

lead by Jack L Ratliff
Owner, Ratliff Histology Consultants
Chairman, Hard Tissue Committee - National Society for Histotechnology (NSH)

This all day event will be an interactive day focused on applications and new technologies. You are welcome to get further information about ROWIAK TissueSurgeon. The TissueSurgeon will be available prior to the Hard Tissue Forum from 14th to 17th for live demonstration and hands-on sessions. The Hard Tissue Histology Forum and the demonstration sessions will take place at the Bethesda Doubletree by Hilton.
Arrange your appointment for a demonstration in advance with our Product Specialist Dr. Heiko Richter.

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