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Newsletter 4/2013

Dear Reader,

ROWIAK is now offering the whole scope of Etaluma products in Germany.

ROWIAK is proud to announce collaboration with Etaluma. Etaluma (www.etaluma.com) is delivering the future of microscopy with the LumaScope series of low-cost, research-grade imaging instruments. By creating a strikingly simple and innovative fluorescent microscope, Etaluma was able to dramatically lower the cost of this powerful technology. Previously only available to large, well-funded laboratories, now smaller labs and individual researchers can access the potential of fluorescence microscopes.

LumaScope™: an Inexpensive, Compact, Sturdy USB-Based Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

LumaScope with phase contrast accessories
LumaScope for fluorescence imaging – Compact size, digital camera, LEDs for incident illumination with appropriate emission filters
Operate LumaScope in the incubator
  • The LumaScope provides a novel concept of inverted fluorescence and brightfield microscope.
  • The instrument is economical, and easy-to-use, while providing laboratory-grade imaging capability.
  • The device is developed with a focus on: portability, small size, ease of use, continuous availability, and low price.
  • The compact size, minimal shrouding requirements, and robust construction of the LumaScope allow placement virtually anywhere: on each lab bench; within or next to environmentally controlled chambers, incubators, and hoods; on desks; in the field; and in teaching labs and classrooms.
  • The LumaScope is immediately accessible in several ways: rapid set-up, ease of use, and affordability. It is an order of magnitude less expensive than full-featured inverted fluorescence microscopes.
  • Quality of images is comparable to those obtained with conventional inverted fluorescence microscopes. The LumaScope yields bright images at fast image rates in fluorescence mode, enabling successful focusing and positioning of fluorescent samples.






Applications of a Compact, Easy-to-Use Inverted Fluorescence Microscope by Jennifer Kahle et al.
Download Publication [pdf]

Do you need additional information, an on-site demo or a quote? Please contact us.


Visit us at Europe´s most exciting and interdisciplinary event on regenerative medicine in Leipzig and learn more about LumaScope.

World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, 23-25 October, Leipzig, Germany  www.wcrm-leipzig.com


ROWIAK is authorized dealer for Etaluma products in Germany. If you are unable to locate a dealer in your country, please contact us or call or e-mail Etaluma directly.

LumaScope Imaging: AlexaFluor488 labeled endothelial cells
LumaScope Imaging: C. elegans expressing GFP in muscle cells with a nuclear localization tag

Do More with CellMonitor*: High-End Automated Incubation and Imaging Solution

CellMonitor: Automated Incubation and Imaging

Automated cell culture addresses call for permanent assessment of the condition of the cells in order to achieve optimum control of the cultivation process. The automatic CellMonitor microscope has been specially constructed for the continuous monitoring of automated cell culture processes.

In combination with adapted pattern recognition, CellMonitor evaluates cell cultures quickly and reliably. In doing so, it records parameters such as the degree of confluence, fluorescence or morphological properties of the cells. CellMonitor can be used both in fluorescence.

Follow the link to see the CellMonitor in action [YouTube]

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