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Virtual education

ZEISS solution for virtual education
Get your samples digitized and give your students access for online teaching and learning

  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, universities are closed and therefore push teaching activities towards online teaching formats.
  • Classroom teaching of microscopy related topics is not possible at this moment, searching for new formats is in progress.
  • ZEISS can offer support and a solution: “Virtual slide box”, a virtual education package for virtual slide learning.
  • Get your samples digitized and give your students access for online teaching and learning.

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Here is how it works:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Zeiss virtual education Step 1

Send up to 100 samples suitable for brightfield to ZEISS.

Zeiss virtual education Step 2

ZEISS will digitize your samples with Axio Scan.Z1. You get your digital samples, and your sample box returns to your office.

Zeiss virtual education Step 3

Buy ZEISS ZEN Data Storage with installation on your server by ZEISS Service. Annotate and upload your digital slides for your education.

Zeiss virtual education Step 4

Your students download free of charge ZEISS ZEN Data Explorer on their mobile device or access the server via browser.

Zeiss virtual education Step 5

Your students have access to your digitized slides and teaching and learning goes on.

ZEN Data Storage

  • makes your images, templates, forms and reports accessible in one central database
  • builds upon your existing server infrastructure and keeps your data in one place, facilitating the implementation of backup and data security plans
  • brings central server-based user management to your university and connects all your students
  • helps to organize multi-user environment and to access roles

ZEN Data Explorer

  • is a free of charge image browser to view and annotate images
  • gives you freedom to explore, view, share and work on images stored in ZEN Data Storage
  • provides you an overview of the images with the gallery view and to navigate through single images
  • runs as App on smartphones/ tablets as well on Window PCs
  • allows for working with multidimensional images on a server from a remote location and from different platforms.