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Newsletter 3/2013

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Take five minutes to read the below highlights in the July Newsletter. In this Issue:
ROWIAK’s cost-effective multiphoton imaging and dissection kits for older imaging systems - retrofitting instead of reinvestment.

Furthermore, learn more about newly launched sample preparation service for histology. In addition to laser sectioning - staining and complete documentation is now provided.


Retrofit Your Imaging System with Multiphoton Technology – Cost-Effective Way to Start with 3D Applications

CellSurgeon - Biomedical Application
CellSurgeon - Customized Solution

ROWIAK does not provide off-the-shelf instruments, simply because they are not very flexible. We rather follow the idea of modularity in design of products and systems.  If you have to solve a biological or biomedical imaging problem, together with you, we will find a solution which will perfectly suit the application.

Create your own cost-effective setup for real-time in vivo 3D imaging with simultaneous opportunity of precise 3D laser manipulation. Multiphoton microscopy offers certain key advantages, especially for live cell and tissue studies. In addition to higher axial resolution and greater sample penetration (up to 500µm), multiphoton microscopy improves the signal-to-noise ratio by avoiding fluorescence except at the focal point of the laser.

This makes it ideal for immunologists studying in vivo the recovery of damaged tissue and the impact of the immune system, or for neuroscientists performing experiments on selectively injured neurons.

Such solutions do not necessarily end up in cost explosion. It’s true that the ultrafast laser sources required for two- and three-photon excitation can make the lion’s share of the price, but retrofitting an existing imaging system can oftentimes  be much more cost-effective than buying a new instrument. Over the past decade we have gained a lot of experience in providing solutions for different kind of applications.

Please contact us for more Information!

Gone Mad About Sample Sectioning With a Knife? Make Use of ROWIAK Sample Preparation Service – Non-Contact Laser Sectioning of Tissue, Biomaterials and Polymers

No matter if hard or soft tissue, biomaterials or industrial polymers: Our ROWIAK lab team with their profound expertise in laser sectioning provides new Sample Preparation Services! We are specialized in samples which are either hard-to-cut, or laborious in preparation or seemingly impossible to cut with so-called contact methods  (microtomes, ground sectioning). See below a selection of routinely performed services:

Bone formation in rat calvaria
Bone regeneration with biomaterials (TCP) in rat
Foamed thermoplastic elastomer

1. Laser sectioning  of embedded calcified hard tissue (except paraffin embedding)

  • Serial sections of non-decalcified bone and teeth
  • Bone formation from cartilage to bone
  • Joints of small animals (mouse, rat, rabbit, etc.)
  • Fluorescently labeled bones and teeth used for growth studies (e.g. calcein, tetracycline, etc.)

2. Laser sectioning of embedded tissue samples containing implants, scaffolds or biomaterials

  • Bone formation on TCP or other calcium based scaffolds
  • Serial sections of stented blood vessels (also Nitinol stents)
  • Materials used for (hard-)tissue regeneration or cell culture

3. Laser sectioning of industrial polymers for polarized light microscopy

  • Above materials also reinforced with glass fibers
  • Foamed thermoplastic elastomers

4. Laser sectioning of natural crystals for geology and paleontology

  • Diamond
  • Rock salt
  • Amber

Our Service for You

Bring your samples and get finished slides which are ready for subsequent evaluation studies. We cover the complete process of histological sample preparation, which stretches from accurate sample evaluation for best sectioning results, through staining or labelling to proper documentation. All steps of preparation will be performed according to the client’s guidelines.

For a complete list of already prepared samples, please visit our homepage! Your sample is not on the list? Do not hesitate to request a Proof of Principle!

Definitely, you know the best how to handle your samples? We offer the possibility to rent our lab. Please visit us and make your personal experience of working with our unique Laser Microtome! Your success will be ensured through competent support of our team.

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