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Newsletter 2/2013

Dear Reader,

In springtime, nature renews itself. ROWIAK also updated the TissueSurgeon's hardware. We proudly present a new larger stage available with our TissueSurgeon for sectioning of either soft or hard tissue or materials or even a combination of it. With the large stage an increased number of interesting questions can now be addressed. The new large stage was tested successfully  in co-operation with Senior Histologist Jack Ratliff from “Ratliff Histology Consultants, LLC??? in Franklin, Tennessee, USA.


TissueSurgeon: Large Stage for Large Samples is Now Available

TissueSurgeon – Large stage with slide of 72 x 52 mm and sample (sheep spine) of 35 x 35 mm
Sheep spine after cutting, stained with SRS and VG counterstain on a 76 x 52 mm microscope slide

Dr. Heiko Richter and Jack Ratliff tested a large stage for the TissueSurgeon, which allows cutting of samples of 35 x 35 mm in size. The stage is equipped with a frame that holds microscope slides from 76 x 26 mm to oversized slides up to 76 x 52 mm. For the test, blocks of sheep spine (35 x 35 mm) were mounted on large slides and cut with the laser. The results are of well-known ROWIAK quality! The sections were stained with Sandersons Rapid Stain (SRS) and van Gieson (VG) counterstain. Three thin sections plus staining of undecalcified hard tissue per hour are possible!

Please contact us for more information!

TissueSurgeon: New and Fancy Way to Produce Sections of Scaffolds and Artificial Bone

Laser thin section of TCP with collagen grown on the surface in cell culture. SRS staining (10 µm thickness)
Laser thin section of Rat calvaria with artificial bone cement from bone regeneration study. SRS and VG staining (10 µm thickness)

The TissueSurgeon is used to cut biomaterials for microscopy (i.e. scaffolds). During the workshop, biomaterials and scaffolds, which scarcely can be processed on a microtome, were cut successfully with the TissueSurgeon. Tri-Calcium-Phosphate (TCP) scaffolds with collagen cells cultivated on their surface  can now easily be sectioned by means of the TissueSurgeon and stained subsequently. Also artificial bone cement used for bone regeneration in rat calvaria was cut successfully. Materials needed to be ground in the past which does not allow serial sectioning, by the way in order to get proper thin sections, can now effortlessly be processed on the TissueSurgeon. Please visit our website and appreciate the gallery of serial sections of either scaffolds or regenerating bone with artificial bone cement and many more results prepared in the workshop.

More results of the workshop can be seen in our gallery!

Meet Us Here - Conferences & Events

  • Polyscience Hard Tissue Histology Forum May 4th May, 2013 Hyatt Regency Cambridge; Cambridge, MA, USA
  • 9th Materials Day in Rostock, Germany 23th-24th May
  • Termis EU Meeting 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey from 17th to 20th June
  • Partnering for MedTech & Pharma, June 26, 2013 in Garching, Germany

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