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Newsletter 1/2013

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We are pleased to send you the first issue of the ROWIAK newsletter in this year. The newsletter provides an update on current applications in the field of femtosecond laser based manipulation and imaging.

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TissueSurgeon - Combined: Laser Microtome and Optical Coherence Tomography for Online Monitoring

Dr. Heiko Richter, Jack Ratliff and David Kemler explain TissueSurgeon and laser based histology in an interview with HistoTALK. Interviewed at 2012 NSH Symposium in Vancouver.

Be sure to listen at Histotalk.net

CellSurgeon - Useful Tool to Create Different Models of Vascular Diseases

CellSurgeon - Intravital setup
Laser induced thrombosis

CellSurgeon aligned for intravital manipulation and imaging  is providing quantitative and dynamic insight into development of clots that take place in blood vessels after laser injury.

Multiphoton absorption was used for selective damaging of blood vessel walls. Recently, we could demonstrate accurate dissection on the inside of blood vessels in living mice with subsequent time-lapse recordings in 3D. Spatial resolution of multiphoton excitation can be used to generate intravascular blood clots without causing symptomatic bleeding. The temporal development of the blood clot was monitored through time-lapse in vivo imaging. Generated data can be used to characterize the physiological response and rearrangement of the target structure. CellSurgeon represents a useful tool to create different models of vascular diseases such as thrombosis or atherosclerosis.

CellSurgeon manufactured by ROWIAK is a laser dissection and multiphoton imaging system which enables precise, contact-free manipulation of microscopic and macroscopic structures. It can easily be configured to your specification. The modular concept of CellSurgeon makes it adaptable to various microscopes and imaging procedures. Retrofitting an existing imaging system can oftentimes be more cost-effective than buying a new instrument.

Please contact us for more information.


CellSurgeon - For Chromosome Dissection and Extraction

Dissected chromosomes
Extraction of dissected fragment

CellSurgeon equipped with Micromanipulators and a capillary holder can now be applied for microdissection of single chromosomes and extraction of chromosomal fragments.

The laser beam of the CellSurgeon can be used to dissect the chromosomes to fragments of less than one micron (approx. 60 Mb of DNA) in thickness and isolate a single fragment for subsequent processing such as sequencing, or cloning and construction of libraries.

Since we use near-infrared laser for microdissection, the quality of DNA adjacent to the cutting line is hardly affected by the long-waved light.


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