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Newsletter 6/2012

Dear Reader,

ROWIAK is serving customers as a solution provider using the latest state-of-art technologies for automated cell monitoring, cell imaging and cell manipulation as well as cell, tissue and materials processing. A qualified team of sales personnel, applications engineers and service technicians are at your service. We provide skilled advice, expertise, training, instrumentation and lab space.

Take advantage of ROWIAK's special hard tissue histology offer provided until the end of this year! Get serial sections of bone without decalcification!

ROWIAK wishes you all the best, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Special Festive Season Offer - Bone Histology Service at a Special Price of € 89 per Section*

Order your Special Priced Bone Histology Service until 31st of December 2012 and receive your processed samples in the New Year. Every 10th section is free.

* Today's special offer is valid for sectioning of bone samples that have a maximum size of 13 x 13 mm; Section thickness between 15 μm and 40 μm according to your needs. Thin sections come on microscope slides and are ready for subsequent processing (i. e. staining).

For further information please contact our product specialist Dr. Heiko Richter.


New - Histology Service Available Now

We offer histology service with ROWIAK TissueSurgeon for fresh / native  and resin embedded samples. No paraffin embedding  required! This service includes:

  • Sample preparation and embedding of hard and soft tissue
  • Histological sectioning of hard tissue, soft tissue and non-metal materials
  • Serial sectioning of non-decalcified hard tissue is possible
  • Standard staining protocols (H&E, Toluidine Blue, von Kossa, or on request)
  • Digital documentation of stained and unstained samples

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ROWIAK - Expect Full Commitment to Serve You

Our goal is to simplify, improve, and accelerate research speed of the scientists. Take advantage of our expertise as developers of laser dissection instruments.

Our service portfolio comprises:

  • Get us your samples - We ensure proper processing including Sectioning, Microstructuring and Imaging.
  • Rent a Lab - Use our facilities and expertise to perform tissue  sectioning and cell manipulation.
  • Rent a Laser Dissection System - Affordable short-term and long-term plans available.
  • Technology Development - Integration of user-specific requirements to meet your operating environments.
  • Consultancy - Performing feasibility studies; process and application development.
  • Disposables - We provide all accessories you need for mounting and dissection with our TissueSurgeon.
  • After-sales - Installation, training and maintenance support.

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