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Newsletter 5/2012

Dear Reader,

the 38th annual meeting of the National Society of Histotechnology (NSH) is starting soon. Therefore we present a ROWIAK TissueSurgeon Special in the current Newsletter!

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Dr. Heiko Richter
Product Specialist

TissueSurgeon: Non-Invasive Imaging before Sectioning

Z-projection from 3D-OCT image stack of human tooth

ROWIAK TissueSurgeon can be equipped with a 3D-imaging system based on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). OCT allows to look deep into the sample. This add on module measures back scattered light so that labelling of the specimens is not necessary. With a resolution of 5-10 µm an imaging depth of several hundred micrometers can be reached.

Hence it is an ideal tool to define regions of interest to cut out with TissueSurgeon for further analysis e. g. by histological or even biomolecular processing. Our software comes already with an easy-to-use 3D-viewer. By just a few clicks a direct insight into the specimen and histo-like images are created allowing to gain valuable information before TissueSurgeon cutting procedures are started.

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Sectioning of Stented Coronary Arteries with TissueSurgeon - High Reproducibility Leads to Short Sample Processing Time

Stented coronary artery showing implant-interface at the intima

The analysis of implant-tissue-interaction is a tough task for histologists, if the implant is metal made. For cardiovascular stents, a great variety of materials is available and testing for new materials is still an important research topic. Common sections either suffer from artifacts or a lot of stent materials are impossible to cut with a blade (i. e. Nitinol). Ground sections are no real alternative.

ROWIAK TissueSurgeon offers a new, contact-free method to cut stented vessels. Artifacts are reduced to a minimum while reproducibility is maximized. The stent is not damaged as the method works without physical shear forces. These two factors – high reproducibility combined with minimized artifacts – lead to a short sample processing time by higher quality!

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ROWIAK at Annual NSH Symposium/Convention in Vancouver, BC

Visit us at

38th Annual NSH Symposium / Convention
September 28th - October 3rd, 2012 in Vancouver, BC Canada

The NSH Symposium / Convention is the event for histotechnologists to discover new methods, share best practices and get a preview of the latest innovations vendors have to offer.

ROWIAK will be present with a booth (No. 635) to demonstrate the latest results of laser sectioning with the TissueSurgeon.

Furthermore, our Product Specialist Dr. Heiko Richter and the chair of NSH Hard Tissue Committee Jack Ratliff will give a workshop on TissueSurgeon (Oct. 1st, 8:00 a. m.), and a poster regarding the cardiovascular stent sections will be presented.

You are invited to make an appointment with our Product Specialist Dr. Heiko Richter to be well advised about the ROWIAK laser microtome.

Visit www.histoconvention.org for complete details!

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