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Newsletter 3/2012

CellMonitor - The integrated microscope monitors cell growth, thereby allowing optimum control of the culture process

Dear Reader,

  • Do you have to repeat a hundred of identical measurements for a reasonable quantitative statement?
  • Do you look for easy-operation and hands-off instruments which enable you to keep your original focus on scientific tasks?
  • Do you plan to switch from 2D to 3D cell culture?

Please get informed in this issue what ROWIAK can do for you!

CellMonitor* – Never Leaves Your Cells Unattended

Screening process of 6-well microtiter plate.
* Developed by Fraunhofer IPM and Fraunhofer FIT; ** Developed by ROWIAK

If Continuous Monitoring at Optimal Cell Culture Conditions Matters

Automated protocols during cultivation of cells are highly demanded by industry and research. In this case permanent evaluation during observation plays an important role. CellMonitor continuously observes and analyzes the growth of cells and tissues.

Additionally, CellMonitor in combination with an optional module CellSurgeon** creates the possibility to perform high resolution multiphoton 3D-imaging as well as very precise 3D-dissection. CellMonitor acquires the following parameters according to needs: degree of coverage, fluorescence or morphological cell characteristics. The inverted microscope functions rapidly and fully automatically – ranging from transfer of the carrier plates, focusing, change of objectives, and activation of different light sources to image acquisition and processing. In the microscopic unit usual cell culture conditions prevail (37 °C, ca. 90 % rel. humidity, CO2 concentration of 5 %). Learn more…

Multiphoton Image: 3D-reconstruction of 25 μm Z-stack of HeLa cells expressing Connexin46-GFP

CellMonitor - Main Applications

  • Optimized for handling of sensitive cell and tissue cultures
  • Development of cell lines and cell culture protocols
  • Handling of 3D-cultures
  • Cultivation of stem cells and primary cells
  • Tissue engineering
  • Testing of pharmaceutical components on cell / tissue cultures
  • Multiphoton 3D-imaging
  • Long-term observation
  • Laser based cell manipulation
  • 3D-nanodissection

ROWIAK at Industrial Cell Technology Congress 2012 in Luebeck, Germany

3rd Industrial Cell Technology Congress

Meet us at

3rd Industrial Cell Technology Congress
September 6-7, 2012, in the Music and Congress Hall, Luebeck, Germany

Are you interested in an appointment in advance?  Please contact our product specialist Dr. Viktor Jakob.

CellSurgeon – 3D Laser Dissection with Nanometer Precision

Multiphoton image of lumen of blood vessel (above) and laser cut on the inside of blood vessel (xz-view)

All in One: Multiphoton Imaging and 3D-Dissection System

CellSurgeon by ROWIAK uses femtosecond laser for imaging and manipulation. Whenever multiphoton imaging becomes a method of choice, CellSurgeon is the right instrument, which gives you high penetration depth along with high 3D-resolution. Visualization of samples is often possible even without employing fluorescent markers which interfere somehow with the processes in the cell.

For many applications though mere visualization is sometimes not enough, rather active manipulation of cellular processes is highly required. The laser light of the CellSurgeon is only absorbed when the intensities are high enough. The fact that this occurs only at the tight focus allows you to cut in 3D with nanometer precision. Learn more…

Marker-free imaging: 3D-reconstruction of 90 μm z-stack of blood vessel (Bar: 45 μm)

CellSurgeon – Your Advantages

  • Precise 3D-dissection
  • No sample preparation needed
  • Operations in native samples
  • Dissection of subcellular structures
  • Cutting in live cells or live small organisms
  • Multiphoton 3D-imaging
  • High penetration depth
  • Marker-free imaging
  • Retrofitting of various microscopes is possible
  • If automation is essential – CellSurgeon becomes part of CellMonitor

ROWIAK at TERMIS World Congress 2012, Vienna, Austria

Meet us at

3rd TERMIS World Congress 2012
September 5-8, 2012, in the Hofburg Congress Centre, Vienna, Austria

Be consulted by our product specialist Dr. Heiko Richter and arrange an appointment in advance.

Visit us at booth 123, 1st floor!


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