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Phospho1 phosphatase in bone biomineralization - Laser Microtomy applied for histology

The research group around Prof. Alan Boyde (Queen Mary University of London) and partners has published a study in Journal of Anatomy, which contributes to clarification of the role of Phospho1 phosphatase in the initiation of mineralization of bone using a Phospho1-deficient mouse model.

Physiological biomineralization of bone is a complex cascade of biochemical and cellular events and Phospho1 is prominent in bone and participates in the formation of the initial hydroxyapatite seed crystals. Backscattered-electron scanning electron microscopy, X-ray micro-tomography and light microscopy were applied to investigate bone mineralization. The histological sections were prepared by laser microtomy.


Original publication:


Boyde A., Staines K.A., Javaheri B., Millan J.L., Pitsillides A. A., Farquharson C. (2017)
A distinctive patchy osteomalacia characterises Phospho1 deficient mice. Journal of Anatomy, J. Anat. (2017) 231, pp298—308


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