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About us

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH applies the innovative power of Femtosecond Laser Technology for laboratory devices in Life and Material Science. This Ultrafast Laser Technology as a tool for simultaneously processing and imaging of tissues closely is associated with the name LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions.

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH combines optical technologies that have already been used successfully as standalone solutions. Its basic technology is three dimensional, non-contact cutting, which was first realized by the TissueSurgeon. Supplied with an OCT imaging technique the TissueSurgeon emerges to the 'Seeing Knife' for Life Science applications. Adapted to a microscope and enhanced with spatial resolution, the CellSurgeon entered the world of nano cutting to manipulate single cells or cell organelles. The manipulation can be controlled by Multi Photon Microscopy. Automation tools allow for integration in laboratory processes and long term monitoring.

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH offers high quality laser instruments for imaging, and tissue and material processing, and cell manipulation. It also provides high quality services in tissue and material sample preparation, and is your expert partner for laser application research in Life and Material Sciences. 

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH was founded in December 2013 as a spinoff company from the ROWIAK GmbH.

Basic technologies of LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions are ultrashort laser pulses for preparation and processing of biological tissue and materials as well as imaging the target tissue. Ultrashort pulses (sometimes also named ultrafast pulses) are laser pulses with a duration of less than 1 picosecond (1ps = 10-12 s). Ultrashort pulses can generate extreme high intensities which induce so called non linear interactions such as spontaneous absorption of radiation in original transparent media. Moreover, ultrashort pulses show spectral characteristics, which are ideal for imaging techniques.

Based on this technology a Laser Microtome ('TissueSurgeon') is offered, which replaces the conventional, mechanical knife by laser light. In order to control the cutting process on line, a so called OCT imaging system is integrated into the TissueSurgeon, which enables a look inside the tissue with micrometer precision ('Seeing Knife').

For the manipulation and visualization of smallest intracellular structures and processes a nanodisecction system ('CellSurgeon') is offered. The CellSurgeon also uses femtosecond laser technology, integrated into a microscope, which enables the user to create cuts within living biological cells, with a precision in the nanometer range.

In contrast to the TissueSurgeon, where the processed specimen can be managed by microscopic mechanical tools such as tweezers, the Nanotome penetrates into dimensions, where mechanical manipulation is impossible. The more important is the imaging of the processed area. This is realized by conventional light microscopy and can be expanded to Multiphoton Microscopy, which is also performed by ultrashort laser pulses and gives a higher resolution with less bleaching effects on the target.

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