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Newsletter 4/2014

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please find below our newsletter 04/2014 on the following topics:

  1. New improved Lumascope 620 available
  2. New OCT-Measurement Service for material analysis and quality control

Blue, Green & Red Fluorescence and Brightfield

LLS ROWIAKLaserLabSolutions GmbH is authorized dealer for Etaluma products in Germany. If you are unable to locate a dealer in your country, please contact us or Etaluma directly.

New improved Lumascope 620 available!

Use the Lumascope 620 to visualize and capture high resolution images comparable to those from traditional high--???cost microscopes. Lumascopes utilize LED light sources, Semrock filters, advanced optical engineering, and CMOS sensors to provide near diffraction - limited (theoretical maximum) resolution. Powered only by its USB connection, the Lumascope 620 easily records your photos, time - lapse series, and videos directly to your computer. And its compact footprint enables working in challenging locations including inside incubators and biological safety cabinets.

The New Lumascope 620 offers even better image quality, otustanding resolution, brighter LEDs, and easier focus!

For more information please contact Dr. Heiko Richter (h.richter@lls-rowiak.de)

New OCT-Measurement Service for material analysis and quality control

Optical Coherence Tomography is an imaging method mainly established in the biomedical field, e.g. ophthalmology, dermatology and cardiovascular applications. LLS Rowiak has already shown that it is also a valuable tool to navigate in biological samples to find the ROI to cut or to measure cell and tissue layers. The latter fact can also be valuable for more technical samples like automotive parts. Often these parts are coated with protective layers that are more or less transparent for the OCT wavelength and therefore can be measured in thickness which is important during development process but also for quality control. LLS Rowiak offers services from just measuring your samples up to complex feasibility studies. Our services can help you to improve product quality or to establish a quality control for your products with optical coherence tomography. Our OCT-systems are able to detect layers of 10 to some 100┬Ám in thickness. Generation of 3D-datasets is possible, too.

For more information please contact Dr. Fabian Will (f.will@lls-rowiak.de)

OCT- image of coated plastic part: Two layers can be detected and measured. The damage in the center can be analyzed, too.

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