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Newsletter 2/2014

Dear Reader,

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions presents at the analytica 2014. You are kindly invited to visit us at our booth hall A3.524G.

Read our Newsletter on the following topics:

  1. For the first time, the TissueSurgeon will be demonstrated live on a German exhibition.
  2. LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions presents the Etaluma Lumascope, a cost effective solution for live cell imaging direct from the incubator

For the first time, the TissueSurgeon will be presented live on a German trade show

Convince yourself of the precision and quality sections of hard tissues, soft tissues with implants and materials. They are prepared for microscopy within shortest time by the use of femtosecond laser technology. TissueSurgeon is easy to use due to semi-automated handling.

TissueSurgeon – more than a laser microtome:

The TissueSurgeon’s basic function is an all in one solution for histology. Cut sections of soft tissue, hard tissue or materials in its native state, undecalcified or without embedding. Prepare sections of blocks which usually require laborious ground sections. Image your sample before cutting with integrated Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) or Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM).
Beyond basic histology the TissueSurgeon can cut 3D samples out of your tissue. Use this contact free method to cut without contamination for (bio-) chemical analysis e.g. of RNA, proteins or other molecules. Extract areas of interest identified via OCT or MPM before cutting.

Need a private demo? You have samples available for sections at the booth? Make an appointment for a private demo at our booth (A3.524G). Please contact:

Dr. Heiko Richter
+49 (0) 511-277 2952

LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions presents the Etaluma Lumascope, a cost-effective solution for live cell imaging directly from the incubator

Since December 2013 LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions is distributor for the Lumascope microscopes. Lumascope is a dramatically new concept in simple, inexpensive and accessible fluorescence microscopy.

The LumaScope by Etaluma is a low priced, small USB inverted fluorescence microscope. It was conceived and designed by working scientists who realized that a large proportion of the everyday use of fluorescence microscopy is to check the presence, health, and signal from labeled cells. Traditional inverted scopes are expensive, complicated, and loaded with features that are not required for these tasks. The LumaScope focuses on: portability, small size, ease of use, continuous availability, and low price. Perfect when you can do without the cost and complexity of a typical, full-sized fluorescence microscope.

At our booth (A3.524G) you can convince yourself the advantages of the Lumascope:

  • Compact and sturdy All-In-One Solution
  • Can go anywhere - Incubator, Clean Bench, Clean Room, in the field etc.
  • Powered with USB – easy set-up
  • Time-Lapse Bright Field and Fluorescence Imaging
  • Built-in digital camera
  • Interchangeable objectives
  • Phase contrast available

For an exclusive demo contact our Sales- and Productmanager:

Dr. Heiko Richter
+49 (0) 0511-277 2952

We are looking forward to meet you at analytica at our booth hall A3.524G  

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