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Newsletter 5/2013

Dear Customer,

The constant drive toward live cell research in 3D is increasing the demand of affordable as well as high-end imaging instruments. With the Etaluma LumaScope and our CellMonitor ROWIAK offers solutions for a wide range of applications and meets almost every budget.

LumaScope - Start Live Cell Imaging with Less than 5 k€!

LumaScope: Compact Size 229 x 125 x 115 mm
LumaScope easily fits in a standard cell incubator.
Cardiac Myocytes Undergoing Division. (Video)
  • Compact and sturdy All-In-One Solution
  • Can go anywhere - Incubator, Clean Bench, Clean Room, in the field etc.
  • Powered with USB – easy set-up
  • Time-Lapse Bright Field and Fluorescence Imaging
  • Built-in digital camera
  • Interchangeable objectives
  • Phase contrast available

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ROWIAK is authorized dealer for Etaluma products in Germany. If you are unable to locate a dealer in your country, please contact us or call or e-mail Etaluma directly.

High Quality and High Performance - Multiphoton Imaging and Dissection System in a Standard Cell Culture Incubator

CellMonitor – Multiphoton Imaging in a Standard Incubator
CellMonitor – Create Your Experiment!

CellMonitor* in combination with a CellSurgeon module creates the possibility to perform high resolution multiphoton 3D imaging as well as very precise 3D dissection. CellMonitor continuously observes and analyzes the growth of cells and tissues. Furthermore, the possibility is given to affect cellular processes by optical means. Laser based cell dissection, manipulation or even transfection** are easily done with the CellSurgeon module.

All experiments can be done in a standard cell culture incubator. The built-in inverted microscope functions rapidly and fully automatically – the scope of automated processes ranges from transfer of the carrier plates, focusing, change of objectives, and activation of different light sources to image acquisition and processing.

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CellMonitor - Automated Processes

  • Imaging Acquisition at different modes: Multiphoton, Fluorescence, Brightfield
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Handling of MTPs inside the incubator
  • Hardware and Software Autofocus


* Developed by Fraunhofer IPM and Fraunhofer FIT

**CellSurgeon module for transfection of molecules into living cells is available only with an additional module for frequency doubling of the laser frequency. Please contact our product manager for further information.


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